Ceruloplasmin assay

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Ceruloplasmin (Cp), a protein containing copper in plasma, was first identified in 1948 by Holmberg and Laurell. It is a α2-glycoprotein synthesized in the liver containing six copper atoms in its structure. In addition, Cp contains hexosamine, hexose and neuraminic acid. It has ferroxidase activity and contains more than 95% of the copper present in the plasma. The Cp has several functions. It is essential for iron homeostasis and is involved in prooxidant and antioxidant cellular processes, as well as in the host’s antibacterial defence.

From a clinical point of view, the determination of Cp could provide information on the health status of cattle. Cp is a mild to moderate acute phase protein whose concentration increases with inflammation. In addition, it undergoes physiological changes during the different lactation stages of dairy cows. Finally, Cp has the potential to assess copper content in dairy cows.