Trace elements in cattle: our first job!

Iodolab was the first laboratory to offer the routine determination of plasma inorganic iodine, which gave it its name!

The effect of deficiencies no longer needs to be demonstrated. Estimating trace element deficiencies in cattle means making a diagnosis when faced with a drop in productivity or the appearance of various pathologies in a farm. Laboratory analyses, by helping to identify deficiencies or sub-deficiencies, can lead the practitioner to advise the farmer on the implementation of supplements in order to limit the risks of economic losses as much as possible.

To get to the point, you will find below the risk factors caused by micronutrient deficiencies.

(Results from 10,325 animals analyzed in more than 2,000 farms in France and Belgium; 997 dairy herds, 1083 suckling herds). Source JAPAN 2006, Francis Enjalbert, Pascal Lebreton, Olivier Salat.

Example: a severe selenium deficiency in pregnant cows increases the risk of stillbirth by 30 times and the risk of vaccination failure by 15 times….

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