Why is the balance leaning on the wrong side?

Excess pro-oxidants or the body’s inability to defend itself?

We separately evaluate pro-oxidants and antioxidants. Thus by combining the two, it is possible to determine whether the oxidative stress is due to an increase in the production of oxygen radicals or a decrease in the ability to eliminate these oxygen radicals.

The 2 tests are:

d-ROMs test: measurement of the reactive forms of oxygen present in serum and plasma. ROMs (reactive metabolites of oxygen) are generated by the peroxidation of organic substrates (lipids, proteins, DNA, …). They are relatively more stable than the oxygenated radicals, which makes it possible to quantify them.

OXY-Adsorbent test: measuring the ability to eliminate oxygen radicals. The test evaluates the ability of the plasma to oppose the massive oxidative action of an excess of hypochloric acid. By colorimetric reaction, the amount of hypochloric acid that the antioxidant barrier is capable of reducing is measured.

And to go further, it is necessary to dose the primary antioxidants: SODe, GSH-pxe and vitamin E but also to dissociate animals with inflammatory phenomenon by the assay of a marker of inflammation, the SAA for the equine , haptoglobin for cattle ….

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