Pregnancy diagnosis : Because a pregnant, but empty cow, is expensive to raise


The test is based on the search for the presence in the blood of glycoproteins associated with pregnancy. These glycoproteins are secreted by the placenta and are called PAG for Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins.
When can we test? As early as 30 days after AI: 100% of the cows declared pregnant by ultrasound gave a positive result with the PAG test (99% at 28 days). Studies have shown that PAG is no longer found from previous gestation 60 days after calving: if the result is positive, it is the current gestation, not the previous gestation.
How? A simple blood test, at the tail, on a dry tube (red) or purple (EDTA). The PAGs are stable for 3 days at room temperature, 10 days at 2-8 ° C. The results are returned to you within 3 working days.
Why? Interest for cows little manipulated, in nursing, ultrasound is not always feasible while it is important to know the status of the mother weaning. To release in spring, to be sure to occupy the best bull on females actually empty. Confirmation of mummified calves. Systematic detection every 30 days of non-pregnant females to optimize IVV.
To find out more: “Application of a new pregnancy test to the economic management of breeding reproduction” JL COSSON, Thomas RAMBAUD, IDEXX

Diagnostic précoce de la gestation chez le bovin : un nouveau test à réaliser sur le sang ou le lait

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